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​Asphalt Repair
The object of our company’s asphalt repair is preventative maintenance, it’s not just fixing what’s there now, it’s preventing what’s going to be there. We focus on preventing damage in the long-term so when the winter comes around, you don’t have any damage because you can’t fix things in the winter time.

Crack Sealing​
Over the last five years, this has become the most important part of asphalt repair. We seal the cracks so water doesn’t get in and undermine the underneath. Long term, it is probably the most important thing to do when asphalt repair is involved.

Asphalt is made of four basic items. There is the liquid asphalt, crushed rock or crushed gravel, sand and gravel, combined with heat that forms an asphalt. It is laid. What dries out in the asphalt is the liquid which turns it from black to grey over the years with penetrating heat.

The main purpose of asphalt sealer is to replenish the liquid so it stops your surface from cracking. It’s another preventative maintenance.

There are three types of sealer. We prefer to use an asphalt based sealer which replenishes the liquid that’s in the sealer.

When it comes to inconsistency in the asphalt sealer business, one of the main problems is that sealer is applied by an individual hand-spraying the sealer, allowing for a large margin of error.  At Advanced Asphalt Maintenance, we take most of the inconsistency out by using equipment that will apply the product with more consistency, providing the consumer with a better service.

​Line Painting
Line painting is basically done for two reasons, firstly, for your parking purposes and the other is really to improve the appearance of your location. A fresh line of paint makes everything clean and bright so when customers drive by, it looks professional and enhances the appearance of your property. In line painting, we strive for accuracy.


If you continuously drive over your asphalt, with the sand and grit base, it just grinds into your asphalt, causing it to break up and leaving lots of unwanted debris on your surface. Sweeping is an essential part of cleaning your asphalt surfaces, especially after a long winter of salt and sand and helps to keep the inside of your building clean as well.

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